Posted by: Steven Gehl | November 8, 2008

Resume and Animation Portfolio

If you have made it here you have probably received an email from me, Steven Gehl, regarding employment at your studio.  Welcome!  Please have a look at my resume and  portfolio.  If you need to contact me email stevengehl (at) hotmail (dot) com.

My Animation Portfolio hosted on

My life drawing can be view via Adobe Acrobat here.
or can be view as individual pages listed below:

Posted by: Steven Gehl | July 11, 2010

Been way too long…

I haven’t updated this thing in forever.  I am pretty much a terrible blogger.

I have been doing some work I will start showing it here again.  I most recently have taken up digital painting.  I haven’t really been all that creative, almost exclusively copying photos, but I am getting fairly good at it.  Below are some examples:

First up is probably my best piece.  It’s a friend of mine in front of the jellyfish tank at the Vancouver Aquarium.  I took the photo so this piece is completely mine.   It was done in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, or the best drawing program ever!

Second is from a random photo of some hot goth chick that I found on the internet.  I decided to do it because of the hand poses and there were some other things painting wise I wanted to work on.  I am particularly proud of the gloves.  The blood on the walls was an experiment that wasn’t in the original picture.  I think it turned out pretty good overall even if the cleavage is a bit much.

Next is another random photo from the internet.  This I believe was the first one I did and it is pretty blah.  That is all.

This is my friend Megan.  Early attempt at painting.  Maybe a little too blurry but it is alright.

Another friend of mine, Liezl, who’s facebook profile picture was pretty amazing so I tried to paint it.  I think the hair turned out well on this one.  She is indecently the person in the aquarium picture.

Last we have Midna and Wolf Link from Twilight Princess.  Not from a photo at all but I uses a lot of references.  It is okay.

I think I have some others someplace but I will have to find them later.  I will try to post more now that I am posting at the CA24 Artblog.

Posted by: Steven Gehl | April 28, 2009

“Legend of Zelda” style game

Hello all.   I know I haven’t posted in a while, I have been working on a project that I am not allowed to post things about yet.   I more than likely have also been lazy to organize my new drawings into a post.

Recently I have been working to develop a flash actionscript game in the style of Legend of Zelda.  It took me a while to code a well working user input code.  My big problem was to get it to play walking animation when the key is down and to stop when it was let go.   It sounds easy but man was it a problem.  All the examples I could find were either a different type of game or the player didn’t have animation.

Well here is the first step to my game with some test character animation.  I need to work on the angle of the right and left looks.

Use your arrow keys!

Posted by: Steven Gehl | March 4, 2009


I have been learning Actionscript game making in order to enhance my job opportunities. I have bought a few books on the matter and have made several games. However I did little variation of there coding because (let’s face it, the games are already made and done well.) But in one of my books it has you make the classic arcade game Pong! Well the version spelled out in the book worked okay, but it did have some problems. I wish I could show you the original but needless to say my version is an improvement. I am still working out some kinks in the code however (the difficulty is forcibly set to “10” because of an opponent performance problem.  It works perfect on 10 but any other level it does not and I am straining my brain to figure out the reason.)

Play it, test it, let me know of glitches.


Posted by: Steven Gehl | February 20, 2009



Just a few sketches I did of Catwoman. Not completely liking them so I might not try to finish them. Let me know what you think.

Posted by: Steven Gehl | February 16, 2009

more noir



Just a couple noir sketches to get me started.  The first one is based off a photograph that was trying to get the noir film style.  I used it to try to get a feel for the lighting and subtle detail.  It was just used as a jump start.

The second is an attempt at a femme fatale.  I don’t particularly like the face but the dress style is classic noir and so is the hair.

Posted by: Steven Gehl | February 15, 2009

Film Noir


I have been listening to a lot of old time radio dramas.   I especially like noir.   Detective stories.   I have always loved the genre with it creative visuals and its colourful metaphors.  And I have always wanted to do SOMETHING in the genre but my creative writing skills aren’t up to my dream’s standards.  I also need a lot more practice with more realistic charecters to animate it well myself.  But someday I will do it damn it!

Posted by: Steven Gehl | February 11, 2009

Banner Animation

Client Request:

My Client wanted a banner for the top of his website that would serve as a flashy, quick glance at the progress he has made on a cross-country trip across Canada.  He wanted an animated avatar to mark his location.


The major challenge in this project was condensing a map of Canada, recognizably, into the size of a banner.   The client did not care exactly the dementions but also didn’t want it to take up all the real estate either.   Another challege was to create an avatar that resembled the client.


I drew a full map of Canada in flash with the pencil tool, then skewed and shrank it until the approprate areas were shown.  This however wasn’t enough so I also moved the map to follow the animation.  As for the avater, I asked for a picture of the client and used a bit of “South Park” style animation.



Click above!

Posted by: Steven Gehl | February 6, 2009

A Mammoth Undertaking

My short that I animated in Vancouver finally on the youtube.   I put the final touches on it and submitted it to the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International and hopefully I will find out soon if it was selected.

Posted by: Steven Gehl | February 5, 2009


This is a post of my maps specifically to show off my skills as a map maker hopefully to get me a job.   Enjoy.

dscf0963 dscf0964 dscf0966 dscf0968

Posted by: Steven Gehl | January 30, 2009


I have been drawing a lot on my tablet in Alias Sketchbook Pro and I feel that I am getting quite good working from start to finish paperless.  Below are a small sample of the drawings that I am proud of and have worked on finishing.   I am trying to perfect an inking techneque.


So I got on the Batgirl bandwagon a little late (like three years late) but I always wanted to do it.   It is my redesign of this character.harlyquinn

Because I got with the Batgirl craze I felt like drawing the loveable Harley Quinn.girl-copy

This is just a sketch of my own design that I did to test my inking method.  I have to admit that it is very similar in ways to a Bruce Timm design.  Obviously not as good but it does have some similarities.


The last one is Raven from Teen Titans.  I was testing out a new brush I made in Sketchbook Pro for inking.   I think it is good but I need to work on thick and thin.  You really cannot tell after I coloured the picture though.

I’ll post more pictures in about a week or so.

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